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Why the top 10 neuroscience videos for personal change? Perhaps you’re considering making some personal changes or maybe you’re facing organisational change? If you’re wondering about how the neuroscience of change can help you we’ve got you covered with these videos from leading experts in the field.

Examining the brain and change is a great way to boost your change efforts with the neuroscience of how to reset your brain. If you have some big, audacious goals or are trying to change your behaviour, these videos will give you an inside view into the neuroscience of habits. Join us to take a look at some of the leading researchers in neuroscience, the brain and change.

Richard Davidson: Transform Your Mind, Change Your Brain

The fantastic Richard Davidson gives top neuroscience tips for change in this video. Techniques that will not only help change your habits but could also change your brain.

The Dalai Lama: Neuroplasticity and Healing Symposium

The Dalai Lama is joined by a ‘who’s who’ of neuroscience in this video of the symposium on neuroplasticity and healing.

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young: The Woman Who Changed Her Brain

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young shares her great passion for the human brain, be equally inspired by this video on neuroscience.

Norman Doidge: Neuroplasticity

The great Norman Doidge talks neuroplasticity.

Michael Merzenich: The Plasticity Revolution and How it Affects You

Want to watch a genius at work? In this video Michael Merzenich explains neuroplasticity and examines how it affects you.

Jill Bolte-Taylor: My Stroke of Insight

The truly inspirational Jill Bolte-Taylor details her stroke through the eyes of a neuroscientist and talks us through what she learned from the experience.

Ellen Langer: Counterclockwise: The Power of Possibility

The ever humorous Ellen Langer shares her fascinating research on neuroscience, ageing and the power of possibility.

Robert Sapolsky: The Psychology of Stress

Ever wanted to learn more about why you experience stress? In this video Robert Sapolsky explains the psychology of stress.

Marc Brackett: Emotional Intelligence: From Theory to Everyday Practice

Marc Brackett provides an A-Z of how to put emotional intelligence theory into practice.

Phillip Goldin: The Neuroscience of Emotions

Want to understand the neuroscience behind your emotions and use this information to change? Look no further than this video of Phillip Goldin explaining the neuroscience of emotion.

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