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What's your Mindset?

  1. I know that when I fail, it's just an opportunity to learn from my mistakes so I can improve my performance.

  2. When I think I'm bound to fail I avoid the challenge.

  3. When someone outperforms me at something I'm good at, I doubt my abilities.

  4. My basic level of intelligence is fixed and no amount of effort will change that fact.

  5. When I'm given feedback I feel under attack.

  6. Some people are super smart, they don't have to try hard. If someone has to work hard at something they're probably wasting their time.

  7. Although I can learn new things, if I'm not naturally talented I'll never be really good at them.

  8. People who really excel at math are born with that ability.

  9. If I put effort in and persevere I believe I can substantially increase my intelligence.

  10. When I'm given feedback I use it to improve my performance.

  11. When someone is more skilled at something than me, I learn everything I can from them to increase my own performance.

  12. I don't feel stupid if I don't master something immediately. I know I'll improve with effort.

  13. I can improve all areas of my life by developing my strengths and abilities.

  14. I celebrate my successes and recognise all of the effort and perseverance that helps me to achieve my goals.

  15. When I approach a new challenge I remember other times that my hard work resulted in success.

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You agreed with the majority of growth mindset statements.

Good stuff, you already have a great approach to developing yourself , your skills and abilities. You take failure in your stride and make sure you improve performance by learning from your setbacks. You’re growth mindset journey has begun. Want to take your growth mindset skills to the next level?

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You agreed with the majority of fixed mindset statements.

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