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Test Your Stress

  1. I exercise for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week

  2. I have a support network of friends

  3. I get 7 to 8 hours sleep most nights

  4. I often feel angry without knowing why

  5. I check my work emails late at night

  6. I feel that I am constantly switched on where work is concerned

  7. I eat at least one balanced meal a day

  8. I have experienced a relationship breakup in the last 6 months

  9. I drink more than one glass of wine a day

  10. I recognize my own symptoms of stress

  11. I feel as though I race through the day

  12. I am able to talk about my feelings when I am upset

  13. I have recently been working on a big project at work

  14. I find it hard to manage my temper on the daily commute

  15. I have suffered the bereavement of someone close to me in the last 6 months

  16. I often feel teary but do not know why

  17. I find it difficult to find time to exercise

  18. If I feel overwhelmed I ask for help

  19. I find it difficult to build relaxation into my week

  20. I feel organized and in control

  21. I try to do everything myself

  22. I experience anxiety or panic attacks

  23. I have moved house in the last 6 months

  24. I frequently feel stressed

  25. I frequently feel unable to cope

  26. There has been a significant change in my finances over the last year

  27. I have recently had confrontation with someone at work

  28. I often find I feel irritated

  29. I frequently don't see the humour in things

  30. I frequently set unrealistic goals

  31. I regularly work more than 10 hours a day

  32. My eating habits have changed in the last 6 months

  33. Do you feel that there is always a 'right' way to do things?

  34. I frequently ignore stress symptoms

Measure my Stress

Stress affects us all in different ways but you manage your stress levels well.

You recognise signs and symptoms when you are starting to feel stressed and based on your answers, put strategies in place to counteract the effects of it in your life.

Keep up the good work by checking out our PCG blogs and free mindfulness podcasts.

Your answers suggest that you have some really good strategies in place for managing your stress levels. You might sometimes find that life events elevate your stress levels but you continue to plough on without considering your wellbeing.

Building a support network and talking to others will give you the opportunity to ask others for help when you need it.

To manage your stress levels more effectively, monitor signs and symptoms on a regular basis and build relaxation strategies into your routine.

You can start by reading our blogs on stress management and Mindfulness.

Based on your answers you currently feel stressed. You may find it difficult to recognize the symptoms of stress and the effect on your wellbeing.

Engaging in any of the following behaviours may mean that you are not dealing with stress as well as you could;

  • I eat to calm down.I speak and eat very fast.
  • I drink alcohol or smoke to calm down.
  • I rush around but do not get much done.
  • I work too much.
  • I delay doing the things I need to do.
  • I sleep too little, too much or both.
  • I slow down.
  • I try to do too many things at once.

Learning ways that you can combat stress with some healthy habits and positive thinking will help to reduce your stress levels.

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