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Planet Positive Change wishes you a Happy Pride Month 2022! But have you ever wondered who started pride month and why? Discover three interesting facts about the annual, June event of Pride.

Happy Pride Month – What’s it All About?

Pride is an annual, celebration of the rights and influence of LGBTQIA+ people. Pride is always held throughout the month of June. As a result, thousands of events are held around the world to mark this special month. Pride works towards a future without discrimination, where everyone has equal rights, protected by law. For example, you’ll see Pride events that inspire, commemorate, educate and celebrate diversity.

Why is Pride always held in June?

You may have heard of the Stonewall riots? In the early hours of 28th June, 1969, the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in Greenwich Village, New York, was violently raided by police. As a consequence, riots were sparked and the gay rights movement was born. As a result, celebrating a Happy Pride Month 2022 is a huge marker of the changes that have occurred since the Stonewall riots. For instance, many Pride events such as parades, festivals and community events, attract millions of participants.

Who started Pride?

Brenda Howard, a grass roots activist, is credited with starting Pride. Known as “the Mother of Pride”, she organised the first Pride parade. Initially known as the Liberation Day March, this march sparked the annual Pride celebration that we know today.

Where to Celebrate Pride Month 2022

Want to join in the celebrations? There are some fantastic events taking place throughout this month. If you’re in the UK, take a look at the national Pride Events website. If you’re in the US, why not take a look at the NYC Pride website, the birthplace of Pride, to see all the great events that are taking place across the city and further afield. Happy Pride Month 2022 from the Planet Positive Change Team.

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