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We want to introduce you to our free growth mindset course. Just discovering growth mindset? Enthusiastic to find out more? Want great videos, helpful activities and key resources? Welcome to our growth mindset course, we hope you enjoy your growth mindset journey!

What You’ll Find in the Growth Mindset Course

We want you to enjoy our growth mindset course – it’s free! The course is divided into four, easy to follow sections.

01 Growth Mindset Course – The Self Assessment

In the first section of the course you’ll undertake a growth mindset self assessment, helping you to understand and appreciate where you currently are on your growth mindset journey.

02 Growth Mindset 101 – Key Concepts

Secondly, we’ll walk you through the key facts. Here, you’ll explore useful videos and questions about growth mindset vs fixed mindset. As a result you’ll recognise when either mindset is at play.

03 How To Develop Your Mindset

Thirdly, we take a deep dive into how to develop a growth mindset. Get ready for some thought provoking questions, great resources and activities.

04 Cultivate Growth Mindset Habits For Success

Finally, in the fourth section, we get down to the serious business of how to develop growth mindset habits. At Planet Positive Change we’re all about practical tools for positive change. Consequently, no toolkit would be complete without tried and tested tips and tricks. In this section we take a look at 4 great tips for developing strong growth mindset habits. For instance, we share practical tips that are easy to use and practice every day. We also take a look at the 3 step process to develop when you want to switch to a growth mindset approach. In conclusion, we share several videos of famous people describing their growth mindset attitude to life.

Most importantly, it was so much fun for us to put the course together, we hope you love it and enjoy the impact it has on your mindset. Enjoy our growth mindset course – it’s free!

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